Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Island Hopping


After our summer vacation at the Budyong Beach Resort at Bantayan Island, Cebu, we decided to spend the last days of our summer through Island Hopping.

Island hopping is a term that has several different definitions as it is applied in various fieldsGenerally, the term refers to the means of crossing an ocean by a series of shorter journeys between islands, as opposed to a single journey directly across the ocean to the destination.
Island Hopping is one of the great thing to do in exploring different islands, watching or swimming in the seas, through this activity you experience the beauty of the world. My friend made the arrangement for the boat that we will be renting for the Island Hopping. And then again after discussions and deliberations made the plan has been push through. The rent for the boat if affordable, but if you want bigger boats good for large quantity of people who will occupy for the boat, bigger rental is expected.

The boat that we rented looks like as the picture posted above, it can accommodate for approximately 13 to 20 persons. We had a lot of fun during the hopping, please have time to view the pictures taken during the adventure. By the way the island that we visited are just located at Mactan, Cebu City, Philippines.
If you really want to dock to the island there will be a fee per head depending on the resort, but if you dont have enough budget for that you have the option to stay at the boat and swam to the sea just near the boat. And luckily there is no danger while swimming coz there is no sharks.LOL!
Another wonderful area to hop is the Fish Sanctuary.Expected there are a lot of different fish being taken cared of.Before you can go to the said area you have to pay Php100/per head but paying the said amount is worthy.

Budyong Escapade

 " Theres no place like " Bantayan, Cebu"
 Pictures taken during our vacation w/ LLTP friends
at Budyong Beach Resort.Best place to unwind and free yourself from the busy world.
A quick view when the sun sets.

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